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So I suddenly have the hots... for a monkey

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 2:14 PM
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We are all PERVS! and I admitted it X3

ID by :iconchibi-ika:


So I suddenly have the hots... for a monkey

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 2:14 PM
  • Mood: Tense
  • Listening to: My iphone
  • Reading: More Than Meets The Eye IDW
  • Watching: Netflix
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper
Webs of Beautiful Demise - Epilogue
RID2015 Sideswipe and Jazz, featuring Aiuke's OC, Spiderbite
WARNINGS mild robot slash


A few days had passed since Sideswipe had met the well mannered and devious metal surgeon, Spiderbite, but for the red mech it felt like only hours ago he was held captive. Upon returning to base, he was welcomed with Bumblebee's concern and Strongarm's rage, the pair of them expressing their delight, and in their own unique way, that their young friend had returned home. Grimlock was alright too, after being trapped in a web for a few hours until Jazz came along and cut him down. Jazz had stuck around and he too was happy Sideswipe returned.

Of course after Sideswipe told them what happened, their attitude changed.

Bumblebee was disappointed that Sideswipe would allow himself to do such a silly thing, whilst Strongarm was furious that he had signed a contract without even taking the time to read it. Grimlock didn't seem to care, he was just happy that his little friend was back, but he did express his displeasure about Sideswipe leaving him alone in the woods, and Fixit proceeded to lecture him on the dangers of strangers and their contracts, even though Sideswipe just ignored him.

Jazz didn't say anything to him, and that was the most painful out of all the telling offs and angry lectures from the rest of his team. Sideswipe could tell he wasn't impressed, hell he actually looked really angry, and he could almost see him glaring from underneath that visor of his. With everyone upset with him, including the mech he really like, got the red mech feeling angry with himself and upset.

Thankfully after a few days, everyone had forgotten about it, apart from Strongarm of course, and continued with their daily routine... everyone but Jazz.

Sitting alone near the edge of the scrapyard, Sideswipe moped by himself. Jazz was leaving today, and he hadn't so much as attempted to speak with the red mech. Sideswipe was too ashamed to go and try and talk to him, and whenever they walked past each other, Jazz completely blanked him. It was obvious as day that Jazz was disappointed with him, thus why he didn't even try to acknowledge Sideswipe since his arrival. It was probably going to be like this between them for quite a while now, and this just made Sideswipe miserable that the mech he really liked now hated him.

"Wow, and I didn't even need Sunstreaker for this one," laughed Sideswipe bitterly, used to blaming his brother for ruining his past relationships. Not that he and Jazz were in one anyway. Honestly, he wanted to blame the whole thing on Spiderbite, but it wasn't the metal surgeon who forced him to sign the contract.

An hour or so passed, and Sideswipe continued to sit there, watching his shadow slowing move across the dirt covered ground. Jazz must have left by now, and Sideswipe was glad at least the veteran didn't have to put up with him any longer.

"He'd probably find someone else more appealing and less plain looking," muttered Sideswipe kicking a nearby pebble into a small puddle, "or someone who doesn't do something stupid."

Whilst beating himself up, he almost didn't notice that someone had walked up behind him. Assuming it was Bumblebee, come to give him a job, he casually looked up, but to his shock he found Jazz looking down at him.

"Jazz?" gasped Sideswipe, jumping up in surprise, "I thought you left already."

"I got time ta kill," replied the veteran, "an' I figured you an' I could have a lil' ol' chat 'bout certain things."

Sideswipe cringed, thinking that Jazz had come to tell him off at long last for signing that accursed contract of Spiderbite's.

"Look kid," sighed Jazz, scratching his helm, "you really screwed up."

Even though he had heard that from everyone else at least twice, hearing from Jazz actually felt worse. "I know," muttered Sideswipe.

"Spiderbite is one hell of a crafty medic, an' he won't rest 'til he drags you back to his lair to finish the job. Art blocks don't last forever kid," warned Jazz.

Sideswipe shuffled a little, trying not to look away from Jazz. "Bee is gonna have ta beef up the security 'round here, an' you're gonna have to remain on your pedes at all times," continued Jazz, "you should be safe when it rains, 'cause if I recall, Spiderbite hates the rain, but that don't mean you can let your guard down."

Jazz continued giving Sideswipe tips and advice, informing him of the consequences his actions have caused anyone, and not showing one sign of pity for the red mech. The more Jazz talked about it, the worse Sideswipe began to feel. Was this how Jazz was going to leave him? Tell him off and inform him on what to do in case Spiderbite came back? This day could not get any worse.

"Is that clear Sideswipe?" asked Jazz sternly.

"Yes," muttered Sideswipe, expecting Jazz to say farewell and leave.

However he still stood there, and the atmosphere between them suddenly felt really awkward, until at last, Jazz asked, "why'd you do it?"

"Huh? What do you mean, why did I do it? Why do you care, I screwed up. End of story," replied Sideswipe, still a little upset.

"C'mon kid," demanded Jazz, "if Spiderbite came up to me an' offered to preform metal surgery on me, I'd tell him to shove off. So why'd you agree to it?"

Sideswipe really didn't want Jazz to know why, and tried to hide it as best he could. "He just convinced me, alright," he grumbled.

"Spiderbite may have a glossa as silver as platinum, but no one would ever take on metal surgery unless they feel like they really need it," argued Jazz, "so what reason did you have to take up his offer?"

"Why are you interrogating me? This is none of your concern," snapped Sideswipe, getting a little upset.

Jazz then raised an optic brow, and folded his arms. "Apparently it does concern me," he calmly replied.

"What?" Sideswipe didn't understand.

Jazz then sighed and he seemed to be a little embarrassed as he spoke. "Whilst you were out with big green, me an' Bee had a chat," he confessed. "Apparently you have self conscious issues 'round 'bots you like."

Sideswipe face went as red as his paint job. "W-what? He said what?"

"Truth is, I didn't need him to tell me that," chuckled Jazz, giving Sideswipe a sly grin. "I've had many admirers and many lovers, so I know when a 'bot has the hots for me."

Sideswipe face felt like it was melting, and he turned to hide from Jazz in shame. "Bee, I'm gonna leave mud pies in your berth for the rest of your life," he screamed internally.

He flinched when Jazz patted him on the back. "Kid, why d'you think you need to look hot for me?" he asked gently.

Sideswipe fiddled with a piece of trash. This was really awkward, but he knew Jazz would not leave him alone until he got an answer. He really didn't want to mention his brother's name, just in case. "I grew up with a brother who stood out more than I did," sighed Sideswipe, "and it messed up with my relationships big time. Even when he wasn't around, I began to fret that I wasn't good looking enough for anyone. I've actually been single for quite some time out of fear I'll get dumped for being too plain." Unable to believe that he just said that stuff out loud, Sideswipe waited for Jazz to either laugh at him or tell him off again.

"Turn around kid," ordered Jazz.

Cringing with dread, Sideswipe turned around to face the music, but to his confusion he found Jazz holding a rock. "What's that for?" queried Sideswipe, "you're not gonna hit me with that, are you?"

"Don't be silly," snorted Jazz, "it's an example."

"An example of what?" asked the puzzled Sideswipe, "that I'm as dumb as a rock?"

Jazz shook his head before explaining. "Kid, let's pretend this rock is you. Put it with a bunch of other rocks, and it'll just be part of a pile of rocks, neither one standing out. Some rocks look better than the others, and some are just so ordinary that you wouldn't give them a second look, like this one."

That didn't make Sideswipe feel any better. "So you do think I'm plain looking?" he sighed miserably.

"Lemme finish," chuckled Jazz. "Now when I look at this here rock, I'll assume at first it's just a plain ol' stone that is nothing special." Sideswipe watched with shock as Jazz crushed the stone in his hand. "Now if you take the time to look inside," continued Jazz, "you'll see something that is out of his world." Jazz opened his hand, and to Sideswipe's surprise he found that inside the rock was a cluster of red crystals, shimmering in the sun.

"I don't understand," said Sideswipe, unsure what hidden crystals had to do with him.

"Kid, everyone is like a rock to me," explained Jazz, "inside most rocks is just plain ol' dust, but inside a few is something beautiful, like this one. 'Course I don't exactly crush them to see what they're like inside.

Sideswipe was slowly starting to understand. Jazz didn't judge mech's on their outside appearance, he judged them on what they were like on the inside. Beauty wasn't what Jazz looked for, it was the beauty within that caught his attention. The red mech then blushed a little upon realising this, wondering if Jazz didn't care about his appearance, but liked Sideswipe for who he was, the mech underneath the plain exterior. After all, the veteran did say that this rock symbolised him.

Jazz then held out the piece of the jewel cluster to him, possibly giving it to him as a gift, and Sideswipe took it, staring at it with wonder.

"Well, I better be off," sighed Jazz, "but remember what I said, 'kay?"

Sideswipe nodded, unsure of what to say, but was thankful for the little pep talk. Jazz turned to leave, but paused. Then he turned back round, and much to Sideswipe's shock, Jazz planted a small kiss upon his cheek. Without another word, Jazz turned to leave, looking back and giving Sideswipe his signature grin, before walking off.

Touching the spot where Jazz had kissed him, Sideswipe was unable to believe what just happened. All sorts of emotions danced around in his mind, and his engines started to develop an unusual sensation. He could not resist giggling in glee, running off to stash his new treasure, and for the first time in a long time, Sideswipe felt like he was the most beautiful creature in the entire universe.
Webs of Beautiful Demise - Epilogue
Last part of my mini story for Aiuke featuring her OC, Spiderbite

art belongs to Aiuke and used with permission

Got my train ticket for AA15

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2015, 2:57 PM

Birmingham here I come.... in August XD

Got my AA15 ticket sorted, so now all I have to do is give HealerCharm the money for the hotel room and we're all good :)

  • Mood: Tense
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  • Reading: More Than Meets The Eye IDW
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You are totally awesome!! Keep up the awesome work! ^_^
Sat Jul 4, 2015, 7:16 PM
I wanna know what happens next on Megatron the perv! :)
Thu Jul 2, 2015, 9:21 PM
You arean Amazing Person!! With out "Megatron the perv" where would I would've starts shipping M X OP?
Sun Jun 21, 2015, 7:30 AM
yay o3o
Fri Jun 5, 2015, 6:29 PM
Haihaihai neh ^^
Sat Oct 4, 2014, 2:18 PM
PANTIES! Can I just say I love Megatron the Perv x3
Fri Aug 1, 2014, 4:58 AM
man, how did your fanfic get soo famous?
Mon May 12, 2014, 6:52 PM
Can you do a comic with Megatron the perv meeting Prime the perv, you know Prime the perv form the comic "wanting you"
Tue Mar 11, 2014, 11:26 PM
ur awesome
Tue Mar 11, 2014, 2:40 PM
i so love your megatron the perv show
Wed Jan 22, 2014, 2:23 PM





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